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O.S.P Drippy Frogs (2pk)

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Drippy is an innovative frog worm that changes the common sense of frogs. The drill tail developed jointly with the lure brand "Teckel" makes a splash as if the bait swarm panicked while spinning, and at the time of jerk, it splashed and strongly appealed while holding the air like a popper or a darter. In addition, at the pin spot, it is possible to create a slow and tempting invitation that is hard to come to the front. The weight is about 11g, and the bait rod with ML to M power allows you to comfortably cast to action. In addition, the single hook and the hollow structure and softness of the material make the hook more distinctive than a frog or worm without using the PE line, eliminating the need for a frog tackle. Contrary to the cute looks, this is a super battle type drippy that anyone can fish easily. If you make an action while squealing with this guy, there is no doubt that it will be exciting with the bass dragon bite!?


  • Length: 48mm (Body)