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The unusual reaction of the bass brought by Piclo 68F is insanity that can not be described as intimidation or predation. It is an innovative hard bait that can produce a roll action simply by winding or rod work and creates a strong color change and flushing. The origin of the name is a coined word from "like directing a jerk and a weak bait with a roll action". Directly diving about 50 cm and making a bait fish that swims the surface layer with caution and roll action in small increments. With a continuous short twitch, it collapses more than just winding and makes a strong appeal with a short moving distance. In addition to the response when slowly rolling, it can be applied to boil shooting by producing a small fish that escapes with a high-speed roll action even in early winding. In addition, the special fibers that shimmer like tail fins and the exquisite floating posture are also effective when left on the surface of the water, and the fine roll that gently shakes the line slug blows away the reason of a selective bass by producing a dying small fish. If you add a short jerk on the surface of the water, you can dive while hitting the bass instinct while playing a sound like a popper or a dart.


  • Length: 68.0mm   Weight: 4.4g   Type: Floating