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O.S.P OVER RIDE Blade Bait

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The O.S.P Over Ride with is a all-season blade bait. As the pressure on the field increases, it is becoming more necessary to use "feed" and "reaction" properly in order to raise the catch. For reaction, it is effective for all seasons as a technique peculiar to "low water temperature period" where the movement of the bass is slow and a technique to force the mouth to be used during "high pressure". There is no doubt that the metal vibrator is a lure mainly in the low water temperature period. However, if you meet the necessary conditions for performance and reach the highest quality, you can catch well all year round and also have the explosive power to beat other lures. Especially in terms of lift and fall performance, we have installed a vertical lift that covers many conditions and the No. 1 slide fall at the highest level in all sizes. Not only does it perform best in the low water temperature season from autumn to spring, but it also produces results even in the high season when other lures cannot be eaten.