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O.S.P OverReal 63 Wake

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Hybrid joint wake minnow The Overreal 63 Wake is a hybrid joint wake minnow that combines appeal with various actions that are not like hard lures and high feeding performance.  Kazuki Orikin is a professional staff member who is active in tournaments from clear to muddy lake, even though their home fields are Takataki and Kameyama. O.S.P has refined the elements that make the lure fun to use, and above all, a tuned lure that was used secretly to capture such a smelt pattern.  A skinny and 63mm silhouette that does not warn you even at high-stressed major spots. In Dead Sticking, the rear and front body and the special fibers on the chest and tail with a one-joint structure react to the wind and flow lustrously, creating a sense of life and drifting. In the dead slow retrieve, the i-shaped surface layer that only the special fiber flutters has become possible.


  • Length: 2-1/2 in (63mm)   Weight: 2.6g   Type: Floating