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O.S.P Varuna 110SP Jerkbaits Japan Market

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The OSP Varuna 110SP Jerk bait it has been 14 years since ASURA was born and 10 years since RUDRA was born. By using these jerk baits for a long time, we felt the necessity of middle size jerk bait between them. Lure selection for each type of field and situation increases severity every year . You can’t fish well if you don’t select right lure 9cm jerk bait is effective under tough condition, but sometimes it lacks appeal power. And 13cm jerk bait is effective against big bass, but sometimes it can never get bite because of pressure. Therefore, it is difficult to cover all situations with these two sizes. So we started to develop jerk bait which fills that gap. Three small tungsten weights which slide inside the body reach near the tail, enable you accurate and long cast with stable flying posture. 


  • O.S.P Varuna 110SP Jerk bait
  • Length: 4-1/3 in.   Weight: 3/5 oz.   
  • Depth: 0 to 6 ft.   Type: Suspending