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O.S.P Blitz Max Crankbait

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The OSP Blitz Max Crank bait is  bass fishing evolution, the lure which has strong possibility of catching big bass is big crank bait. And that is still called an undeveloped zone. In order to establish the method of this fishing, Blitz max was created to surpass the performance of former big crank bait as the main stream of future tactics. Blitz max excels cast-ability. You can cast Blitz from a distance tightly and softly to the position you aimed by low trajectory like spinnerbait. And by the effect of an ultralight body it starts to tempt bass from the first action. 


    • O.S.P Blitz Max Crankbait
    • Length: 2-1/2 in.   Weight: 7/16 oz.   
    • Depth: 0 to 6 ft   Type: Hi-Floating/Silent