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O.S.P Blitz Max DR Crankbait

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The OSP Blitz Max DR Crank bait in the recent situation that bass have grown up bigger in every field, so-called "big bass hunter" targeting different fish from normal anglers do choose deep crank bait hoping to catch big bass. Deep crank bait shows its power in weed area of 3-6meter range, rock or trees area in reservoir, natural lake, and rock area or tetrapod near deep area in river. Especially, it is quite effective when school of baitfish cruise in deep zone. So to say, deep crank bait is the shortest way to catch big bass. But it is also true that the crank-baiting is getting more technical in accordance with bass are getting more selective. And the element requested from the lure has evolved with accelerating speed. Blitzs Max-Dr. is the deep crank bait of new era which has basic performance that destroys a current standard. You can manipulate it as you want and perform crank-baiting very naturally before you know it. 



  • O.S.P Blitz Max DR 
  • Length: 2-2/5 in.   Weight: 5/8 oz.   
  • Depth: 0 to 14 ft.   Type: Floating