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O.S.P Louder 70 Popper

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The OSP Louder 70 Popper can attracts bass from wide and deep area or bass hiding inside the cover but popper. It is true when, for example, you feel pencil bait does not have adequate appeal power. Popper has casting distance and accuracy and also has important appeal performance like popping sound, splash sound and rattle sound. It can tempt bass with such appeal sound almost on the spot because you can manipulate its movement. Popper is available at any place from narrow spot small pocket which productive zone is very scarce to vast weed area. “LOUDER 70” is developed to enhance the ability of popper drastically by improving total quality. 


  • O.S.P Louder 70
  • Length: 2-3/4 in.   Weight: 0.3 oz.   Type: Topwater