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A bottom capture plug with extremely high obstacle avoidance performance, featuring an upright landing posture. owlgns7735 (hereinafter 7735) is a homage to Heddon's old plug "Cousin II" as a design source.While inheriting the old design, it is handmade with wood material as a bottom capture plug that can be handled with modern tackles.Just pulling is a vibration action with a fine pitch. The fine pitch and not swinging the hook point too much also contribute to avoidance performance.The swimming posture is also a standing vibration posture, and the avoidance rate does not decrease even during winding to collection.You can customize the weight of your own weight hole with a single screw.By customizing the weight position, weight, etc. according to the hook size, you can adjust the sinking speed and landing posture according to the field to your liking. Wire chin guards damaged by slipping on the bottom or bottom bumps can be replaced or repaired. This natural detail is also a strength that old plugs do not have.During the action, firmly appeal with a rattle sound from the weight hole.The unique shape has a slightly weaker castability. With a realistic sizing and a weight of just under an ounce, it's attractive in a wide range of fields, but at the expense of distance and cast accuracy.At the fishing show, which was unveiled for the first time, not only bass fishing anglers but also salt anglers supported the 7735's "landing posture" and "details" from the viewpoint of "fishing", and "action".It is a wooden bottom plug of Owl jeans with innovative details and gimmicks, such as the old plug is the original material, but it seems unlikely, it seems unlikely.It is a handmade plug that handles a variety of effects such as slipping, bottom bumping, and just pulling while firmly avoiding obstacles.The weight is a tungsten ball. This movement is like a shrimp.


  • Handmade by OwlGene Lure
  • Length: 11cm 
  • Weight: 24g
  • Body Material: Wood
  • Type: Sinking