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Owl Gene Slow Runner Gill

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The Owl Gene Lure's Slow Runner with a ordinary retrieve the lure has a wobbling rolling action, also has a submarine dive nearly 1m. It is not at "deep range specifications", but the concept is "super slow-moving in shallow water". Taking advantage of the characteristics of the retrieve usually, the range which was attacked by the conventional shallow runner, is aimed at "to drift with less than half of the slow retrieve" until now. Fishing with floating objects such as boats as well as being able to swim to the feet tightly is a merit in this "less than half of potential". Blank buoyancy supports a wide range of custom bases tailored to the user's taste. Of course not only in early spring but also the minoring which drifts the weed side as much as possible is also effective. The first long building type of Owl Genes is a 140 mm mini with the concept of "super slow moving" as a concept. It is a "slow runner". 


  • The Owl Gene Lure's Slow Runner Gill
  • Length: 140 mm.  Weight: 27 grams   Type: Floating