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Owl Gene Sorekutteru

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The OwlGene Sorekutteru biggest feature is a large tungsten ball in the hole in the hollowed body. A bare rattle room and center-of-gravity movement system that covers only that with wire parts. A center of gravity ball that moves back and forth and left and right plays distance, action, vibration, and vibrationThe strong sound unique to “bare” changes the common sense of rattle sound in wood lures. After landing, “Slap Bait” ​​is a large slide action that floats leaning to the left or right and does not resemble the shape of hitting a spatula.The movement like a pencil and the production like a popper are effective, but the high appeal of the rattle sound is better then a plastic lure. Even if it does not move regularly, the bare rattle sound that is characteristic can be expected to be caught even with a twitch or shake that only makes a one knock.


  • The Owl Gene Lure’s  OwlGene Sorekutteru
  • Length: 5-3/4 in  Weight: 1.3 oz  Type: Floating