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Picasso Lures AMart Carbon Fiber Shock Blade Pro Vibrating Jigs

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The Shock Blade Pro Carbon Fiber Series elevates your vibrating jig performance to a new level. The blade is manufactured from Carbon Fiber, cutting edge space age material that is light weight, super strong, and used in specialized, high-performance products such as race cars and aircraft. Our unique downsized coffin shape ‘lightning blade” provides a super-fast, tight swimming action with an intense rapid fish attracting vibration. With the smallest turn of your reel handle the blade responds almost instantly and the action begins. The “V” shaped head cuts through grass and deflects off any bottom structure while the patented design keeps the lure down in the strike zone without\ getting lift. Molded around a Japanese made modified O’Shaughnessy style hook for superior quality and unsurpassed sharpness and strength. A double bait keeper system secures your plastic trailer and prevents slippage. The super-soft silicone skirt material creates fish-attracting undulation that is comparable to living rubber material. Proudly made in America.