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Picasso DOCK ROCKET Jigs (Hank Cherry Series)

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Picasso Lures new Dock Rocket was designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Hank Cherry who is renowned for his ability to skip jigs where big bass take cover. The Dock Rocket, as the name suggests, has the perfect combination of head design and balance for skipping docks, blowdowns, and other cover. The Dock Rocket versatility also makes for an ideal casting and flipping/pitching jig. The flexible four-strand titanium weed guard is perfectly angled to allow the jig to come through the structure with ease while soft enough not to impede the hook set. Molded with a recessed line tie for fewer hang-ups and features our superior quality custom Japanese hook to ensure excellent hook penetration and needed strength to land the giants. A wire bait keeper on the shaft of the hook keeps your plastic trailer secure and prevents slippage. Our exclusive super-soft silicone skirt material creates fish-attracting undulation that is comparable to living rubber skirt material. Proudly made in the USA