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Raid Japan Battle Hog 3.8” Creature Bait 5pk

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The Raid Japan Battle Hog 3.8” Creature Bait is great for Texas rig and rubber jig trailer, high-impact bait BATTLE HOG to exploit the cover around and bottom in the basic rig (Battle Hogg). Sizing 3.8 inches, realize the exquisite body silhouette with a sense of volume of compactness and five-inch class 3-inch class, and then hit the instinct of fish eater. This eliminates tend Mota with is in the big worm, is also a sense of size can be manipulated at will. Thick vertical flat power arm of the unique vertically asymmetric design, appeal to the fish caused a vibration in the fall when. And intensely stimulate the fish eater hit the strong water so down swinging a hammer at the time of swimming. To Basaro exercise, such as down swing a hammer, you bring the fish to the byte by complex and three-dimensional arm operation for the opening and closing operation plus.