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DUO Realis Pencil 110 Bone Sound

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DUO Realis Pencil with the original 110 mm on the market, which was easily controlled to dog-walk by any angler, we have added a model with more emphasis on the "bite". In addition to the original characteristics of its castability, action and the sphere protruding from its face to improve the rotational performance, a smaller dog-walking action has been added to its values. It will not only be effective in searching a vast area, but will also produce you results in high pressure fields where a tighter approach is required. With the side-to-side dog-walking action inherited from the 110, the pencil 85 will produce a tighter action compared to its predecessor.   


    • DUO Realis Pencil 110 Bone Sound
    • 110   Length: 4.3 in.   Weight: 3/4 oz.
    • Type: Topwater Walking Bait