RYUGI Hooks LT Offset Hook Pro Pack

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RYUGI LT Offset Pro Pack is a easy-to-use offset hook that suppresses the displacement of the worm to some extent by the long designed shank part.The axis design is # 1/0 or more, with a slightly thick axis setting for high dimensions from the open area to the cover.By setting the center axis to # 1 or less, when used in bait finesse, it is easy to pierce even with weak force, and it has an exquisite wire diameter setting that is not extended by a forcible fight to some extent.Since it is a professional pack specification with a large number of pieces, if you feel the extension of the hook or the deterioration of the hook point, you can replace it without worrying about the cost or the remaining amount of hooks on hand.The advantage of this pack is that you can always confront the fish in the best condition.