RYUGI Hooks Regular Guard Talisman (TC Coat) 4pk

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RYUGI Regular Guard Talisman (TC Coat) 4pk has a mass amount off weed guards, which is a power spinning tackle or bait tackle that uses a line of 4 lb or more and is intended for use around a relatively light cover.The hook is based on Talisman, which is highly acclaimed as a wacky hook, and the shape was adjusted slightly to set the guard.For the guard, we have selected carefully selected materials that are not too strong.While exhibiting snagless performance, it flexibly falls in any direction when biting and does not interfere with the hook set.We have achieved a reduction in the slip-out that can be said to be the fate of a trout hook with a guard.Also, due to the characteristics of the guard material, it is easy to modify the guard shape after fishing.It is possible to adjust the guard strength weakly by cutting the guard and reducing the number depending on the situation.When there are many short bites, the guarding power can be weakened to enhance hooking performance.