RYUGI Hooks Snagless Trailer Hook

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RYUGI Snagless Trailer hook by attaching a trailer hook, there is no doubt that the number of fish caught will increase dramatically.However, there are disadvantages. The biggest problem with many anglers will be a drop in snagless performance.I would like to increase the hooking rate without degrading the inherent snaglessness of spinner bait baits.Using a soft silicone tube and having two contact points with the main hook prevents the trailer hook from rotating.Since the trailer hook always keeps the same direction as the main hook even when the water hits or the impact of the contact with the structure, the snagless performance of the spinner bait is not lost.In addition, the fact that the trailer hook is always facing forward leads to an improvement in the hooking rate.The dilemma that the trailer hook had was solved.


  • RYUGI Snagless Trailer 
  • With TC Coating