Ten Feet Under

Ten Feet Under 3.7” Pad Rotter 7pk

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The biggest feature of pad Rotter is "thick paddle tail". It works well with Texas rigs and rubber jigs, and when it reaches the bottom, this tail creates a strong water pressure called "Bruntsu". In addition, the "high buoyancy" and "softness of material" that can be achieved by the Hand Poured method add naturalness to give a torquey action. The leg on the side is a small movement, which is in contrast to the paddle tail. Also, when falling or pulling a lot, it collapses into the constriction of the paddle tail part and body part, producing a silhouette that crustaceans escape when looking at the whole. The surface is finely textured to imitate the surface of crustaceans and visually appeal. Stay for a while until the thick paddle collapses after the action, and try to use it while inducing a bite. It is GOOD even if you put a glass rattle S size or M size in a thick paddle and add a sound appeal.


  • Recommended Hook Size #3/0