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Ten Feet Under 3” Chibi Rotter 7pk

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Microter's big brother, 3 inch size Chibi Rotter. This is scheduled to be released in July. Since the body is larger than the microter, it is easier to handle even with a bait tackle. The size is too large for the original, but too small for the micro. Like the Microter, the original paddle tail and arm have a body size. We have carefully examined the balance of the above and adopted the ratio with the best test results in the field.

Perhaps there are few fields across the country that are free of crustaceans such as shrimp and crayfish. At that time, by matching the size to the crustaceans that are the main bait in the field, it is possible to realize match the bait, and it is attractive to be able to draw out more bites. Especially for individuals who cannot fully recover from post-spawn and individuals who are a little bit tired by the heat of summer, the exquisite size of Chibirotter is 3 inches, which matches the situation where you can not eat big baits but want to prey. Kurema