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Ten Feet Under 4” TUBULL Flipping Tube 6pk

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Tube worm, a classic cover game bait, is finally released from 10FTU! A tube worm with a simple shape but a deep depth.Thoroughly pursue the balance of material hardness and wall thickness on the premise of capturing the cover.The legs are hand-cut and tapered from the inside of the body toward the tip of the skirt to achieve a natural flare. The head has a sufficient wall thickness to prevent the hook from slipping, and the pointed shape contributes to good pickpocketing. The cross section of the body is oval instead of a perfect circle to improve hooking response. It is an item that has been carefully selected and finished so that a series of operations can be performed smoothly in the cover strategy.In addition, 10FTU glass rattle L size can be inserted to easily add an appealing effect by sound.