Ten Feet Under

Ten Feet Under H.B Baboo Type1 Swimbait

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A downsized model that inherits the headbomb (H/B) dead-throw lineage. Head Bomb (H/B) Babu is here! Head Bomb (H・B) Babu was designed with a dead-throw downsize model as the basic development concept, aiming for quicker wobbling and rolling action. The basic setting is the same sinker surface system as the dead throw, but depending on the angler's operation, the range from just under the water surface to about 50 cm will be appealed with intense waves to attract the bass.In addition, the reduced size has made it possible to search and capture more speedily. Due to the high pitch movement due to the size reduction, the reaction effect is also very high, and it is even more effective in high pressure fields.


  • Length: 5-1/2 in   Weight: 1.2 oz
  • Manufacturing method and materials Hand Poured