Ten Feet Under

Ten Feet Under H.B Original Swimbait Head Bomb

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When that point arrives from here... Skipping the lure under that bush on the opposite bank... The head bomb (H/B) has a design that concentrates the weight position strongly at one point in the front, achieving outstanding stability during flight and amazing distance casting performance that cannot be imagined from the lure shape! In addition to focusing the center of gravity forward, the center of gravity is designed to be as low as possible. With this, we have obtained the strongest skipping performance unlike any other. Because the center of gravity is concentrated on the front, it suppresses unnecessary head shake during lure retrieval and maintains a well-balanced swimming posture. Shad tail of exquisite length and shape that is not too thick and not too thin, which the developer Iyoken has made particular efforts and tried repeatedly. The movement of the shad tail moves the water greatly by wobbling by retrieve, causing strong waves and maximizing appeal without breaking the swimming


  • Length: 6 in   Weight: 2.3 oz
  • Manufacturing method and materials Hand Poured