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TH Tackle Zoe Magnum SS Swimbait

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TH Tackle Zoe Magnum Slow Sinking Swimbaits, is one of the baits of the extensive Zoe family, and is a hybrid bait that combines several stimuli acting on a predator. While posting, Zoe Magnum is beautifully glide along the sides, located on the belly of the bait, the elongated petal rotates , and the fluffy skirt of silicone threads in the tail pulsates, changing its volume. On immersion, the skirt fluffs slowly, moving, and additionally attracts the predator even the most passive bass is not able to avoid such an unprecedented hybrid


  • TH Tackle Zoe Magnum SS
  • Length: 5-5/8 in
  • Weight: 3.9 oz
  • Type: Slow Sinking
  • Come with a spare hand tied treble hook