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Tsunami Lure VICKITAN Frogs

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Hollow frog = Vickitan skirt version new color for surface plugger in Sold Out state! Sufficient weight that does not require tuning that promises flight distance, a glossy slide and turn brought about by a horizontal floating posture, or a large Y-shaped spray (spitting) that spreads over the entire surface by jerk is sometimes extremely effective. In particular, spitting is secretly paying attention to some tournamenters these days. Please pay attention to the kind design that adopts a rubber skirt that does not require any maintenance, a silicon skirt that easily floats in water, and a hole shape that makes it difficult for water to enter the inside of the body. In addition, the softness and shape of the body, the absence of accessories such as weights and skirts on the hooks, and the hooking performance provided by the specially designed original hooks are noteworthy. For example, in the middle of the day when there is no reaction to the hard plug, Vikitan is a finesse for surface pluggers that catches fish hidden in heavy covers with their mouths with high probability.


Body length: 70mm  Weight: 17.5g