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Tsunami Lures Niva DP Topwater

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Pencil bait newcomer-Niva presented by Tsunami Lures with absolute confidence to throw a stone in the standard. A long slide with a steep angle while fluttering is the true value of this plug. The semi-automatic slide that makes the magnet repel is realized by the weight balance and the unstable 3D shape that easily tilts to the left and right.In addition, the unique sound of a mobile built-in weight that moves left and right during action, such as Gorongoron, is something that conventional knockers that move the weight back and forth did not have. In addition, the sound created by the subtle movement of the weights inside the rig adds to the complexity of the noise. Please enjoy the injection pencil bait with excellent operability and full of fishing elements.

Body Length: 110mm
Material: Plastic
Weight: approx. 30-31g
Hook: Dos Cactus #1/0