Vagabond Glide Hustler

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  • Vagabond Glide Hustler
  • Length: 5 in.   Weight: 1-3/4 oz.   
  • Rattling:   Type: Sinking
  • Silent:       Type: Slow Sink


    Delivering versatility and attraction by the boatload, the Vagabond Glide Hustler Sinking provides a lethal glide bait action that is aimed specifically at attracting large, tournament-winning bass.  Designed with a purposeful geometry, the Vagabond Glide Hustle Sinking features a flat head and keeled underside that keep the bait balanced and responsive to every tick of the rod tip.

    Appetizing at any speed, the Vagabond Glide Hustler Sinking is incredibly seductive with a slow, steady wind, irresistible with a quick twitch, and awesomely attractive with an erratic stop-and-go. Built with a through-wire construction, the Vagabond Glide Hustler Sinking offers a reinforced durability that is capable of withstanding crushing strikes from the largest and most aggressive fish.